Saturday, September 28, 2013

C4K- September

C4K#1: This I Believe- Mrs. Martin's 10th grade English
For my first C4K I commented on Hanna's "This I Believe" post where she talked about how she believed that softball taught people to work hard and keep striving for their very best! She told a story about how she was up to bat and her dad had told her he would give her 20 dollars if she could hit a home run. Although she felt like this was pretty much impossible she believed that she could do it and she did. I told Hanna that this was a very great thing for her to believe and he personally story really gave it alot of meaning. I told her to keep striving for her dreams and wished her luck on her school and softball carrer.
C4K#2: Taya- Cats Cradle
cats cradle
Taya is a student in Mrs. Lieschke's Y-5 class at Mt Ousley public school. For her blog post she talked about a thing called a cats cradle. Cats cradle is when you take string and form it into different things like the Eiffel Tower, cup and saucer, and witches broomstick. I talked to Taya about how I use to do these things when I was about her age in school. I think that it is so neat how things from years ago are still being done today and halfway around the world!
C4K#3: Raewen-Eve
the brothers grimm book cover
Raewen-Eve is a in Miss Ouano's 5th grade class in Auckland, NZ. Many of her post were just of pictures with nothing really said or anything so I went down a few and chose to comment on her weekly reflection. She was asked to reflect on her learning and behavior in order to become more successful. She said the most important thing that she learned this week was reading a book called Sweet Porridge, and next week she would really like to play with her friends. I took the time to read Sweet Porridge by The Brothers Grimm and told her how my favorite part was when the mom said "Little pot, cook" and it filled the town. I also told her I hoped that her week with her friends was lots of fun like she wanted it to be.

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