Sunday, December 8, 2013

Final Reflection

dropping students off at school
After rereading my blog post about “If I Built a School” my goals for teaching still remain the same, but I have learned so much this semester. Some things that I would change about my teaching methods is I would try to incorporate technology into everything I do not just some things. Technology is such a useful tool if people would take advantage of its full potential. I want to give my students the opportunity to use things like iMovie, iBooks, podcast and blogs to interact with all parts of the world.
I would also make all my activities project based. Before this class I never knew anything about project based learning and now that I do I feel that this method is much more effective than traditional ways of teaching. I feel that hands on things will allow students to really remember and eliminate “burp back” education all together.
I would also change the roles my students will play in the classroom. I have learned to never limit what your students are capable of. I want to give my students the chance to grade their peers and help their peers learn things they may not understand. This will give them a feeling of importance and let them know that they are capable of doing whatever they put their mind to.
My methods of teaching would involve my students much more. I would ask them much more questions and allow them to be interactive in my teaching. I would use things like Smart Boards to keep my students attention and integrate games and activities constantly.
I feel that these methods of learning will be the best ways in the 21st century to teach our students. By incorporating technology, PBL, and eliminating “burp back” education our students can learn effectively in a technology based world.

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  1. I attended the final session for this tear's Baldwin County's Digital Renaissance Learning Academy yesterday. Over and over the message from teachers was: I must be a learner too and learn from my students as well as teach them.


    Ah managing time. It is vital, isn't it!

    I hope you will be a blogging teacher. It sounds like it will. This also applies to PBL!

    Well done.