Sunday, October 27, 2013

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Randy Pausch's Last Lecture- Childhood Dreams

give yourself permission to dream
A Carnegie Mellon University alumnus, Randy Pausch, is not only known for his Last Lecture, but he is also known for the ETC program and Alice, a fun way to teach computer programing. Pausch found out in 2007 that he only had about 6 healthy months of life left. With this he presented his last lecture, on his childhood dreams, to approximately 500 people at Carnegie Mellon. It has now been viewed, and talked about by millions.
Randy Pausch makes many good points in his last lecture. He lets us know what can be achieved if you follow your dreams. He shows us how important it is to have dreams and push through everything that is thrown in your way in order to achieve them. He also shows us how important it is to facilitate the dream of others. As teachers this is the most important thing. We should push our students to become the best they can be and to learn everything they can learn so they can one day achieve their dreams. Many times we may doubt student’s abilities but I would hate to be a “brick wall” in a student’s life. We should always encourage them to do their best.
I think the most important thing I learned from Randy’s video s that dreams can be achieved no matter how big them may seem as long as we put our mind to them and do not allow anything to stop us from getting them. He achieved so many great things in his lifetime just by putting his mind to it and striving for the different things.
He also shows us that if we don’t achieve our dreams we can still learn lesson from the journey we took along the way. Although he was not able to play in the NFL he learned many great things from his coaches that he carried with him throughout his life. Randy Pausch shows us the importance of dreaming and he also shows us the importance of living life to the fullest. His use of his childhood dreams to gain so many great things in life is a great example of what we should be striving for as teachers. We should place goals to make our ways of teaching fun and interesting and promise to always push our students to dream.

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