Sunday, November 24, 2013

Blog Post 14

rita pierson
Rita Pierson has been a professional educator since 1972. Watch her short TED talk video and tell what you learned from her. Also tell how you could apply these things in your classroom when you begin teaching. Why is it so important that we develop good relationships with our students?

Ms. Pierson tells us in her TED talk how important it is that we develop good relationships with our students because students cannot learn from someone who they do not like. Many teachers think that all they are expected to do is teach students and not actually develop these necessary relationships with them. Through these relationships the students begin to respect the teacher. At times without the motivation from the teacher students may never feel the real need for an education and they may not have the want to make something of themselves. Sometimes all students need is a "friend" to tell them they are worth something and they can do it. I would try to develop relationships with my students by making them feel important and included. I would try to make them feel incorporated in every way possible. These relationships are very important and can be lifelong because teachers are not only educators but sometimes, in a way, family.

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