Sunday, November 24, 2013

C4T #4

For my C4T I commented on Annie Palmers Blog Breaking Education Barriers. Ms. Palmer’s blogs were very inspirational and she had some very good advice.
For my first post I commented on her post titled “Have you Contemplated your Philosophy for Reading.” In this post Ms. Palmer talks about her relationship with reading. She tells us how things should be different than just reading the words on the page and comprehending it, it should be more of a relationship between the words on the page and the reader. I told her how excited I was to hear her opinion on reading. I told her how when I was a student in school I felt like I was forced to read and hopefully oneday I can give my students an outlook on reading like she has.
The second post I commented on was titled “Improving Teaching One Step at a Time.” Her she gives some really great advice especially for new teachers; take it one step at a time. She tells you not to take on too much, just take it slow and don’t stress. I told her how helpful this was especially for an upcoming teacher and how much I enjoyed this post.

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